Month: October 2013

Prolonged Pickets

  What’s in a protest? Much more than clever slogans! In a new article in the Administrative Science Quarterly, Lori Qingyuan Yue, Hayagreeva […]

10 years ago

Get Published!

Do you have a paper to submit for Compensation & Benefits Review? Compensation & Benefits Review is accepting bylined articles […]

10 years ago

Just as Sweet

We’re very excited to help announce that two fantastic journals will have new names in 2014! Journal of Business Communication […]

10 years ago

Make It Work For You

There are very few good things that can come out of a recession. Extreme couponing aside, Dr. Emily C. Bianchi […]

10 years ago

Sociology Outside Academia

Why academics’ misunderstanding of the epistemology and politics of science is leading them to silently and uncritically support the politics of the powers that be.

10 years ago

Economic Ecosystems

How do localized industries adapt to not only changing technological environments but also to an ever-changing economy? In today’s market this […]

10 years ago

More Than a Thousand Words

There’s an old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,”  but often in ethnographic research pictures can be forgotten, […]

10 years ago

The Ethics of Impact

Back in the summer, John Holmwood, the current BSA President, sent me an email about impact and research ethics. Various […]

10 years ago

JSR Award Winners!

We’re so excited to congratulate Dr. Cheryl Burke Jarvis at Southern Illinois University for being awarded the Journal of Service Research’s […]

10 years ago

Examination of Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership styles and their need for further empirical research is compellingly discussed in the newly published article in Journal […]

10 years ago