In Memory of Mandela

Nelson_Mandela-2008_(edit)Through his work as an anti-apartheid revolutionary, a political leader, and a philanthropist, Nelson Mandela achieved more in his lifetime than seems humanly possible. Among his many achievements, he helped to break social and political racial barriers to help turn South Africa into a society where all races have opportunity. As a result of this work, the nation was reborn and began a journey on a previously uncharted road to freedom for all.

In an effort to honor his legacy, the Index on Censorship team has collected significant articles from their archive that trace the history of the apartheid struggle with pieces by some of the great writers who have commented, argued and analyzed it for our magazine including Nadine Gordimer and Albie Sachs. These articles are open free to the public and we invite you to browse them to remember the unparalleled impact of this globally-inspirational man.

 Browse through the collection here.

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