Month: February 2014

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Round-up of Recent Social Science Research

The following articles–ranging from zombie panics to Scottish independence–are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 700 journals. All the articles linked to are free to read for a limited period.

9 years ago
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How to Avoid That Fatal Social Media Faux Pas

University professors are not immune to epic fails when using social media. But the lesson learned isn’t to withdraw completely, argues Ereika Darics, but to know thine audience.

9 years ago
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Is Self-Plagiarism a Scourge of the Academy?

Here’s an ethical question or two — is it OK to re-use your own words in a new written piece, or is there an expectation of “exclusivity of the written word for each publication”? Drexel’s Jamie L. Callahan examines the moral panic surrounding self-plagiarism.

9 years ago

Self-Plagiarism in the Academy

In the March issue of Human Resource Development Review, editor Jamie L. Callahan explores this controversy in her editorial, “Creation […]

9 years ago