Month: February 2014

Post-its signify citizen input

Citizen Scientists Should Have a Home in the Social Sciences, Too

Citizen social science calls on experts and the public to re-evaluate their roles in addressing social problems. Erinma Ochu, a social neuroscientist, elucidates the opportunities on offer when experts let the public in on the business of addressing these pervasive challenges. Real learning comes in the social life of the method – in the practice of listening, trying and often failing to collaborate – trying again and getting into the rhythm of the issue, together.

10 years ago

Introducing SAGE edge!

[Editor’s Note: This piece was originally posted on SAGE’s blog SAGE Connection and is re-posted here with the kind permission […]

10 years ago
Lamar Smith

Cuts to Behavioral and Social Science Funding Threatened

Two pieces of upcoming legislation, the Frontiers in Research, Science, and Technology bill and American COMPETES, could include some unwelcome news for social and behavioral science if certain key legislators get their way.

10 years ago
1963 march on Washington, DC

Recent Scholarship on the Black Experience in the U.S.

From Martin Luther King to black political participation to race relations to teaching African American students, here are some academic papers from the ‘Journal of Black Studies’ that provide a scholarly snapshot of different aspects of black history and current issues in black studies.

10 years ago