Recent Scholarship on the Black Experience in the U.S.

As Black History Month (also known as African American History Month) comes to a close this Friday, SAGE is providing free access to a collection of articles from its Journal of Black Studies.  From Martin Luther King to black political participation to race relations to teaching African American students, these topics provide a scholarly snapshot of different aspects of black history and current issues in black studies.

The journal’s genesis dates to 1969, a year after the assassination of Martin Luther King. Future editors Robert Singleton and Molefi Kete Asante had been students at UCLA and Asante had recently been appointed as a professor in communication and director of the UCLA Center for African American Studies in 1969 when the Journal of Black Studies was launched. Singleton was made chair of the journal’s editorial board and went on to complete his doctorate in economics. Asante remains one of JBS’ editors-in-chief.

Click the links below to read them free for a limited time:

MLK Boulevard: Material Forms of Memory and the Social Contestation of Racial Signification
by Guillermo G. Caliendo

You Must Remember This: Obituaries and the Civil Rights Movement
by Kathleen McElroy

Beyond Black and White: When Going Beyond May Take Us Out of Bounds
by Katerina Deliovsky and Tamari Kitossa

Shall We March On?: An Analysis of Non-Electoral Participation in the Black Community in the Post—Civil Rights Era
by Randall D. Swain

Unpacking the Race Talk
by Pierre W. Orelus

More Than 30 Years Later: Intervention for African American Studies Required
by Rosemary Traore

Reaching African American Students: Profile of an Afrocentric Teacher
by Kmt Shockley

“Selling the Farm to Buy the Cow”: The Narrativized Consequences of “Black Names” From Within the African American Community
by Ayanna F. Brown and Janice Tuck Lively

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