Does Peer Influence in Teens Affect Their Parents’ Purchase Decisions?

According to an article featured in the Wall Street Journal, peer influence in teens tends to peak around age fifteen as adolescents acquire an interest in seeking a new environment. The impact of a teenager’s peers can sway their opinions on everything from actions to social decisions and even what products to buy. A new study published in Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective entitled “Peer Interaction and Its Influence on Family Purchase Decision: A Study among Indian Teenagers” suggests that this influence by peers could also stretch to a teenager’s family when it comes to electronic purchase decisions.

The abstract:

F1.mediumThe paper aims to clarify the impact of Teenager–peer interaction and Enduring Product involvement (measured in terms of pleasure and sign associated with the possession of product) in the family purchase decision for the electronic items. It proposes that how the teenagers interaction with peer have an impact on family decision making process. The study aims to expand the domain of Consumer (family/Household) decision making by including a broader range of teenagers influence and the product involvement in day to day life.

The study is based on the teenagers influence in the family’s purchase decision making in the purchase of electronic items. The study was done in India. A sample of 230 students has been taken. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) has been used for analysis.

The paper provides a significant relationship among Teen-peer interaction and family purchase decision making process. As per the findings of this paper we conclude that the more the teenagers interact with peer, the more they contribute in the initiation stage of the family decision-making process. Similarly the teenager’s enduring involvement (measured in terms of pleasure) construct have a significant influence on the final decision making i.e. it significantly explains teen’s contribution to the purchase decision.

“Peer Interaction and Its Influence on Family Purchase Decision: A Study among Indian Teenagers” from Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective can be read for free by clicking here. Want to read all the latest from Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective? Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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