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Ambedkar Institute to be India’s first Social Sciences university
The Free Press Journal
Mhow-based 25-year-old Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute of Social Sciences will be converted into the country’s first Social Sciences university. A bill to give status of deemed university to the national institute is in pipeline and state government plans to put it up the forthcoming winter session of Legislative Assembly.

Online hub for social science
Harvard Gazette
Harvard scientists hope to use the Internet to change how social scientists investigate human behavior. Launched this year the Digital Lab for the Social Sciences (DLABSS) is designed to serve as an online clearinghouse where social scientists can find study participants.

Why Congressional Republicans want to cut social science research funding
House Science Committee chair Lamar Smith (R-TX) is renewing his push to limit the National Science Foundation’s funding for social science.

‘Young people should pursue what they enjoy’
Nicky Morgan’s comments about arts subjects limiting career choices are unsettling; pupils should do what they enjoy, as happiness tends to breed success, says Jane Phelps

Who’s soft? Social sciences are in fact scientific
University of Pittsburgh The Pitt News
The claim that social sciences are somehow “less scientific” than their natural counterparts is naive and misguided. In particular, the author examines and refutes two sentiments regarding the social sciences

Social Science Quote of the Week: Human Rights
Social Science Insights
Social science quote from human rights activist, Hina Jilani: “Never stop being outraged. Never allow yourselves to become apathetic and pessimistic.”

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