Year: 2015

Happy New Year from Management INK!

To celebrate winter on this New Year’s Eve, here is a collection of beautiful, winter-themed art: Pancake Tuesday (Maslenista) by […]

8 years ago

Social Science’s Impact on Society, Circa 2065: Louise Thompson

Social Science Space is presenting 10 shortlisted essays written by young social scientists in an ESRC competition looking at how social science might change the world in the next half century. This week we present Louise Thompson who examines how great it would be if we could all play a bigger part in making changes to laws before they come into force, rather than just complaining about them afterwards

8 years ago
1953 computer

Computers Broke It. Computers Can Fix It

Computers have revolutionized academic research – and at the same time created a new crop of problems. But, suggests Ben Marwick, computers can also help address some of the challenges they have created.

8 years ago
Bobo doll under attack

Psychologist Bandura Awarded National Science Medal

Stanford’s Albert Bandura, a psychologist who first gained acclaim for his study of learned violence involving a Bobo doll, has received one of seven National Medals of Science awarded by President Barack Obama this year.

8 years ago