Month: January 2015

Round-up of Social Science Research

  The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 700 journals. The articles linked […]

9 years ago

In the Anthropocene, Every Discipline Has a Role

Grappling with climate change going forward won’t be so much grappling with climate as it will be grappling with human reactions to the forces already in motion. Universities have a role to play in marshaling all their disciplines in this endeavor, says Matthew Nisbet.

9 years ago

What Role Should Overseas Students Play in British Society?

The rich and diverse ways in which students and scholars of diverse national and cultural origins collaborate at British universities, argues Daniel Nehring, belie the economic reductionism currently fashionable in public debates about higher education.

9 years ago
Beyond Silicon Valley MOOC meetup

MOOCs + Meetups = Better Learning

The man behind the ‘Beyond Silicon Valley’ MOOC is very enthusiastic about these massive online courses, but he sees adding a dash of the human touch as making the resulting learning experience even better.

9 years ago
Rebecca Blank

Rebecca Blank Receives 2015 Moynihan Prize

A former acting secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the current chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will receive this year’s Daniel Patrick Moynihan Prize from the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

9 years ago

Trevor Marchand on Craft

It’s an unusual approach for an academic: a hands-on approach. Literally a hands-on approach. Trevor Marchand is an anthropologist interested in how information about crafts is transferred from expert to novice. This has led him to Nigeria, Yemen, Mali, and East London …

9 years ago

Don’t Fence Me In: The Bogus Walls Between Disciplines

‘I am whoever I want to be,’ insistsCameron Neylon. ‘You don’t get to define my value. The real question is whether the filters you apply are good enough to tell when I have something to say that is useful for you to hear.’

9 years ago