Human Resource Development Review Now Indexed in Thomson Reuters!

HRDR_72ppiRGB_powerpointWe’re pleased to announce that Human Resource Development Review is now indexed in Thomson Reuters’ Social Science Citation Index! The journal will receive its first impact factor when they are released next June.

Human Resource Development Review is a theory development journal for scholars of human resource development and related disciplines. It publishes articles that make theoretical contributions in papers devoted to theory development, foundations of HRD, theory building methods, and integrative reviews of the literature. The journal provides new theoretical insights that can advance our understanding of human resource development, including new substantive theories, exploratory conceptual models, metatheory, and taxonomies and typologies developed as foundations for theory. The journal also addresses philosophies of HRD, historical foundations, definitions of the field, conceptual organization of the field, and ethical foundations. Human Resource Development Review takes a multi-paradigmatic view of theory building.

The journal is edited by Julia Storberg-Walker of the George Washington University.

In honor of this distinction, you can read the latest issue of Human Resource Development Review free for the next two weeks! Click here to access the Table of Contents.

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julia-storberg-walkerJulia Storberg-Walker‘s research focuses on action learning, social capital, workforce development, and communities of practice as well as facilitation organizational learning through designing and implementing policies, practices, and structures that generate, capture, and distribute new knowledge.

Dr. Storberg-Walker works with a variety of research partners, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the JFK School of Special Warfare at Fort Bragg, the Battered Women’s Justice Project, the Office of Violence Against Women, the Raleigh Colleges and Community Collaborative (RCCC), and North Carolina State Administrative Office of the Courts.

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