Month: August 2015

Harsh peer review quotes

Please Follow the Golden Rule for Peer Review

Few peer reviewers are provided with any training or mentoring on how to undertake a review, and generally learn by doing. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to navigate the line between being both critical and supportive.

7 years ago
Weeding the stacks

Weeding the Books Out of Academic Libraries

The printed book, though still part of the academic library ensemble, is being relegated to the role of supporting player rather than the lead actor, argues a University of California librarian.

7 years ago

The Waves of the Metric Tide

While the initial splash made by ‘The Metric Tide,’ an independent review on the role of metrics in research assessment, has died down since its release last month, the underlying critique continues to make waves.

7 years ago
Globe of numbers

Beware! Big Data Is Not Free of Discrimination

Math can be immoral. too. Algorithms rarely come equipped with an explanation for why they behave the way they do, notes mathematician Jeremy Kun, and the easy (and dangerous) course of action is not to ask questions.

7 years ago