Month: August 2015

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Even an Imperfect Metrics Regime Has Value

Jane Tinkler argues that if institutions like HEFCE specify a narrow set of impact metrics, more harm than good would come to universities forced to limit their understanding of how research is making a difference. But, she adds, qualitative and quantitative indicators continue to be an incredible source of learning for how impact works.

7 years ago
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A Modicum of Common Sense Helps Interpret Open Access Publishing

No one ever assumed that everything in print was trustworthy, says Virginia Barbour, and neither should that be the case for open access content. Content is what matters – whether delivered by open access, subscription publishing, or a printed document.

7 years ago

SAGE @ AOM 2015!

The Academy of Management 2015 Annual Meeting is officially underway in Vancouver, Canada! This year’s theme is “Opening Governance,” inviting […]

7 years ago

Who Should Decide Cuts for UK’s Research Councils?

Objective outsiders focused on the purse or knowledgeable insiders focused on the scholarship — who should decide the best way to derive the productivity and innovations sought from Britain’s Research Councils?

7 years ago

Giving Euroscepticism an Honest Hearing

A remarkably prescient special issue of the journal ‘International Political Science Review’ examines Euroscepticism’s migration ‘from the margins to the mainstream.’ Social Science Space talks to one of the issue’s guest editors.

7 years ago

Come Visit SAGE at AOM 2015!

Friday marks the first day of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver! Make sure to […]

7 years ago
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Here Be Dragons: The Perils of Predatory Publishing

The need to ‘publish of perish’ may send many academics adrift in unknown and dangerous waters of the predatory and vanity journals. It’s worth keeping a weather eye before sailing over the edge.

7 years ago