Month: September 2015

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How to Create Lasting Change 

How interventions are designed matter as much as what they do. In that vein, Harvard researchers Erin Frey and Todd Rogers have identified four pathways through which behavior change interventions can achieve long-term impact.

8 years ago

How Has Retailing Evolved?

From general stores to department stores and superstores, retailing has undergone significant changes in the past two centuries. In their […]

8 years ago

Reversing Academe’s Sometimes Perverse Incentives

Peer review is a powerful tool for sussing out the truth, but it’s not all-powerful. We also need to develop ways to reward scientists who do make their publications, data and methodology open for even greater scrutiny.

8 years ago

This Book About an Anthropologist Ought to Win the Man Booker

A corporate anthropologist is told to write a report that will “name what’s taking place right now” and is “the First and Last Word on our age.” And so we set the stage for what in turn David Rudrum argues is itself a zeitgeist-defining work.

8 years ago

Sense About Science On the Value of Peer Review

Peer Review Week begins today, a week to explore the role of peer review in addressing academic quality and rigor. Here, Sense About Science details why it feels it’s important to explain peer review to the wider world.

8 years ago
Will Davies

William Davies on the Happiness Industry

‘I think that happiness is better than a lot of what the ‘happiness industry’ represents it as,’ Goldsmiths sociologist Will Davies tells interviewer David Edmonds in this Social Science Bites podcast.

8 years ago

Development Experts Seek Help from Social Scientists

Social scientists must team up to help achieve the global development agenda and help measure progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, attendees of the World Social Science Forum were told.

8 years ago