Month: September 2015

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Fairer Funding in Social Sciences Masks Gender Imbalance

Even when the news is good — women win grants from the ESRC at the same rate as men, and those grants are actually a bit larger on average — it’s tinged with bad — because there are so few senior women in academic social sciences men still get majority of the money.

7 years ago
Golden Goose awards

Honoring High Achievements in ‘Hypsographic Demography’

Two decades ago two curious scientists from very different fields wondered how many people live at various altitudes. Aided by federal funding, their inquiries have helped in area ranging from disaster preparedness to cancer research to fresher snack foods. Now the duo have been honored with a Golden Goose Award.

7 years ago
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The Politics of Knowledge Mobilization

When universities make note of how they ‘mobilize knowledge,’ they tend to focus on a select group of activities for an equally select audience. That’s a disservice.

7 years ago
Smog test

Federal ‘Common Rule’ on Human Study Ethics Changing

Four years in the making, a proposed version of the federal ‘Common Rule’ for research on human subjects includes a full suite of social and behavioral science-influenced directives that past versions of the rule lacked.

7 years ago
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Perceived Gaps in Equity Affect Decisions More Than Absolute Gaps

The absolute difference between what someone else is getting compared to what you get matters less than how feel about any disparity, according to a review of ‘relative deprivation’ research in the journal ‘Policy Insights from the Brain and Behavioral Sciences.’

7 years ago

Round-up of Social Science Research

  The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 800 journals. The articles linked […]

7 years ago
Germanwings memorial

Hidden Dangers

David Canter considers the fatal consequences of keeping medical problems secret

7 years ago