Articles Pertinent to US Primaries Available for Free Now

VoteVintageLaborFor a limited as the the United States’ presidential election cycle reaches some critical state-level primary votes, the journal Political Research Quarterly is offering free access to some of its most currently pertinent articles.

Among the leading generalist journals of political science, Political Research Quarterly publishes original peer-reviewed research on all aspects of politics. Both the journal and its host organization, the Western Political Science Association, have a reputation for showcasing pluralistic and intellectually innovative research, with special emphasis on transcending the boundaries that conventionally separate subfields, methods, and specializations.

“Gender Stereotypes, Candidate Evaluations, and Voting for Women Candidates: What Really Matters? | Kathleen Dolan

“Talking Politics on Facebook: Network Centrality and Political Discussion Practices in Social Media | Patrick R. Miller, Piotr S. Bobkowski, Daniel Maliniak, Ronald B. Rapoport

“Unraveling the Effects of the Internet on Political Participation? | Caroline J. Tolbert, Ramona S. Mcneal

“Campaign Finance Laws, Policy Outcomes, and Political Equality in the American States | Patrick Flavin

“Red and Blue States of Mind: Partisan Hostility and Voting in the United States | Patrick R. Miller, Pamela Johnston Conover

“Kingmakers or Cheerleaders? Party Power and the Causal Effects of Endorsements | Thad Kousser, Scott Lucas, Seth Masket, Eric McGhee

“Incorporating Health into Studies of Political Behavior: Evidence for Turnout and Partisanship | Julianna Pacheco, Jason Fletcher

“See Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Sarah Palin Run? Party, Ideology, and the Influence of Female Role Models on Young Women | Mack Mariani, Bryan W. Marshall, A. Lanethea Mathews-Schultz

“Turnout as Consent: How Fair Governance Encourages Voter Participation | Matthew R. Miles

Gender Targeting in Political Advertisements | Mirya R. Holman, Monica C. Schneider, Kristin Pondel

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