New Podcast: Tomika Greer on Using HRD to Support Repatriates

Podcast MicrophoneIn the latest podcast from Human Resource Development Review, Tomika Greer of University of Houston discusses the article she co-authored with Alexandra Stiles of Shell Oil Company, entitled “Using HRD to Support Repatriates: A Framework for Creating an Organization Development Strategy for Repatriation,” which was recently published in the March 2016 issue of Human Resource Development Review.

You can find the podcast on the Human Resource Development Review website here, or click here to download the podcast. You can also read the full article free for the next two weeks by clicking here.

The abstract from the paper:

A systematic review of repatriation literature in human resource development (HRD) HRDjournals reveals common themes of low motivation to repatriate among expatriates and high rates of repatriation failure in organizations. In addition, there is a gap in the published research regarding organization development (OD), suggesting that there is a need to look more closely at managing the changes for individuals, teams, and organizations associated with repatriation. In this article, we addressed this literature gap by proposing a framework for creating an OD strategy for repatriation. This framework is useful for HRD instructors, trainers, and other practitioners who are tasked with creating and instructing others on how to create an OD strategy for repatriation. Such a strategy could help improve repatriation motivation and decrease repatriation failure, ultimately improving organizational performance. The proposed framework was adapted from a positive model of planned change and focuses on discovering, examining, and capitalizing on previous organizational successes to positively impact the repatriation process.

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 Tomika W. Greer, PhD is visiting assistant professor of Human Resource Development in the College of Technology at the University of Houston. She has previously presented and published research related to trends and challenges associated with career development for women and implementation/outcomes of “family-friendly” organizational policies and programs. Her work appears in journals including Human Resource Development Review, New Horizons in Adult Education & Human Resource Development, and The Psychologist-Manager Journal.

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