Pinterest as a Social Tool for the Classroom

PINTERESTAs a social media site, Pinterest has long been used as a tool for sharing planning, brainstorming, and inspiration. The site has a reputation for harboring creative content, but Pinterest’s applications as a social media site should not be exclusive to arts and crafts. Instead, it seems appropriate to find creative new ways to use Pinterest as an educational tool. In the Management Teaching Review article, “Using Pinterest in the Management Classroom,” Gordon B. Schmidt discusses how students can benefit from using Pinterest to share content related to class curriculum. The abstract for the paper:

This paper discusses the potential value of using the social bookmarking site Pinterest in management courses. The general features and uses of Pinterest are described as well as how they can be applied in the management classroom. Pinterest offers a Current Issue Covermedium to facilitate student discovery and sharing of class relevant visual content. I discuss the use of Pinterest in my own training methods class with a class Pinterest board acting as a place for students to share class-relevant links to videos and online content based on assigned topics. I discuss other potential applications in management classes. I also discuss the logistics of implementation of a class Pinterest board and potential challenges of use.

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