Month: July 2017

Social Science news bulletin

Washington and Social Science: Slowdown for Recess

The House approved the fiscal year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act and a security “minibus” that included fiscal year 2018 appropriations for the Departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security.  The House departed for its August recess, while the Senate plans to stay in session for the first two weeks of August.

5 years ago
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Has Social Science Made DARE Actually Work?

The US attorney general has been mocked for wanting to bring back a discredited drug-prevention program from the Reagan era. But have evidence-based researchers created a modern-day version that might actually perform as promised?

5 years ago

Alan Krueger: Where Does Public Policy Fit in a Gig Economy?

American labor law and social programs were developed in an age where workers labored for a company and could plan to be there for years, if not a lifetime. The velocity of the gig economy’s expansion has left policymakers far behind, says economist Alan Kruger, and he’d like to bring them up to speed.

5 years ago
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Addressing Reproducibility in Archaeology: Our Three-Pronged Approach

Replication and reproducibility have been big issues in medicine and psychology and economics, but les talked about in fields like archaeology. Here, Ben Marwick and Zenobia Jacobs discuss their latest paper’s reproducibility strategy and its tactics during fieldwork, labwork and data analysis.

5 years ago

House Considers Flat Budget for NSF

Advocates want $8 billion for NSF, and President Trump wants less than $7 billion. House appropriators seem to be navigating a path through the middle.

5 years ago
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What Do the 2017 Elections Mean for British Academia?

Britain’s recent general election has been the first step towards a long-overdue public debate on the social consequences of austerity and growing socio-economic inequality. What does this sea change mean for British academia?

5 years ago
Social Science news bulletin

Washington and Social Science: SBE Funding Untouched For Now

In a budget year where the U.S. Congress is far behind where it would usually be in appropriating decisions, the social, behavioral and economic directorate at the National Science Foundation is seeing normal funding, while the Census Bureau is feeling some pressure.

5 years ago
Theresa Marteau

Theresa Marteau on Healthy Environments

In this Social Science Bites podcast, the director of Studies for Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Cambridge’s Christ’s College discusses how environment – and that includes the cultural, built and financial environments –buttresses short term pleasures over long term benefits to the detriment of public health.

5 years ago