Alice H. Eagly

Alice H. Eagly is a professor of psychology and of management and organizations at Northwestern University. She is also a faculty fellow at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern.

Diversity: Good Intentions Aren’t Same as Evidence

You’d be forgiven for assuming a quick and sure way to multiply profits and amplify organizational success is to increase the gender and racial diversity of any group. According to mainstream media, the effects of gender and racial diversity are universally favorable. However, professor Alice Eagly states, “the truth is there’s no adequate scientific basis for these newsworthy assertions.”

5 years ago
Unity Amidst Diversity

Social Science’s Mythbusters Look at Diversity

There are some cherished myths about diversity that aren’t supported by the research evidence. While these myths are appealing on a societal level, says Alice H, Eagly, it’s a mistake to allow distortions to remain unchallenged.

7 years ago