Biplav Srivastava

Biplav Srivastava is a professor of computer science at the AI Institute at the University of South Carolina. He is interested in enabling people to make rational decisions despite real world complexities of poor data, changing goals and limited resources by augmenting their cognitive limitations with technology. Previously, he was at IBM for nearly two decades as a research scientist, distinguished data scientist and master inventor. Srivastava is an ACM Distinguished Scientist, AAAI Senior Member, IEEE Senior Member and AAAS Leshner Fellow for Public Engagement on AI (2020-2021).

quartet in face masks

Data Model Confirms That Wearing Masks Saves Lives

Biplav Srivastava, professor of computer science at the University of South Carolina, and his team have developed a data-driven tool that helps demonstrate the effect of wearing masks on COVID-19 cases and deaths. His model utilizes a variety of data sources to create alternate scenarios that can tell us “What could have happened?” if a county in the U.S. had a higher or lower rate of mask adherence.

3 years ago