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Listen Up: Paper Argues Podcasting Can Transform Scholarly Communities and Society

In “How Academic Podcasting Can Change Academia And Its Relationship With Society: A Conversation And Guide,” Michael Cox, an environmental social scientist at Dartmouth College, and 24 other researchers (themselves academic podcasters), describe how academic podcasting could help various dimensions of higher education and offer suggestions for researchers interested in starting a podcast.

7 months ago
Red photo that says "free webinar: How to be a peer reviewer learn more"

Upcoming Webinar Series: How To Be A Peer Reviewer

Sage is hosting ‘how to be a peer reviewer,’ a free webinar series that will explain the academic reviewing landscape. The event will be held on three occasions to accommodate audiences worldwide.

7 months ago
Black and white photo of man from circa 1900 speaking into giant megaphone on a stick

Communicating Findings Should be Included in Research Funding

Reflecting on the ongoing professionalisation of academic communication and increased opportunities for researchers to engage, Andy Tattersall argues researchers and research funders should be mindful of the communication requirements of their projects and factor them into their bids and tenders.

10 months ago