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Note: This is a translation of my post on global sociology (completed with the help of Amanda Pang). A few […]

10 years ago

Writing the North Atlantic Bubble, part 2

Many sociology departments teach along conventionalist, Eurocentric lines. Nonetheless, a reformulation of the scope of the sociological curriculum seems to be slowly taking shape.

10 years ago

Patients, Athletes, Freaks?

Just Google “Paralympian” and you will find a plethora of stories that describe how a Paralympian heroically overcomes their tragic, freak-like disabled body in order to inspirationally compete in disability sport.

10 years ago

A Sociologist’s Adventures in Social Media Land

Like many academics, I was quite oblivious to the virtues of using digital social media for professional purposes for rather a long time. Then one day earlier this year the scales fell from my eyes.

10 years ago

Some thoughts on attitudes towards foreign students in the UK

When I was a student, I had teachers who spoke about opportunities to study abroad in terms of things like the ability to widen one’s emotional and intellectual horizon.To today’s hardboiled politicians, journalists, and academic managers, these views must seem quaint and laughable.

10 years ago

Economic Inequality and Political Power (Part 3 of 3)

Faith in the wisdom of the affluent to guide public policy has been sorely tested by the enormous costs in money and human suffering resulting from the Great Recession. My data cast further doubt on the notion that representational inequality arises from the greater knowledge or better judgment of those with higher incomes.

10 years ago

Beyond the Randomised Controlled Trial

Although the value of Randomised Controlled Trials in very specific contexts cannot be denied, any imperialist claims for its universal applicability and its use as a bench mark against which all other studies must to be measured needs to be challenged.

10 years ago

Made it!

An uncanny number of psychology findings manage to scrape into statistical significance

10 years ago