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Trump and Trudeau_2017

Advice for Trump: Best International Relations Blog Post of 2016

Elizabeth N. Saunders, an assistant professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, wrote the following post which appeared The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog on November 9, 2016. In this year’s Duckies awards, officially known as the International Studies Association’s Online Media Caucus awards, Saunders’ post was named best individual blog post of 2016.

6 years ago

#WomenAlsoKnowStuff (Even About Politics)

Our goal, say the supporters of the #WomenAlsoKnowStuff database of female political scientists, is to amplify the voices of women in the discipline and in the public eye.

7 years ago

Tracking the Gender Gap in Assigned Readings

New research looking at international relations courses finds that male professors assign more readings by males — and much of it their own work — than do female professors. And this does a disservice to students, argues Jeff Colgan.

7 years ago