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AI-produced artwork of two robots communicating.

Conscious Empathic AI in Service

Empathic consciousness in AI opens new horizons in service that puts the relationship between the machines and the humans in exciting and uncharted territories.

2 months ago
Photo of a cafe worker in a yellow apron leaning against the counter and looking back at some frowning customers.

Customer Incivility: A Call for Constructive Resistance

Conventional wisdom suggests that frontline employees should appease uncivil customers to resolve the unpleasant situation as quickly as possible and minimize the distraction and associated damage. However, this approach has not been effective in reducing or stopping customer incivility.

2 months ago

JSR Award Winners!

We’re so excited to congratulate Dr. Cheryl Burke Jarvis at Southern Illinois University for being awarded the Journal of Service Research’s […]

10 years ago