If Only MOOCs Could Add an eHarmony Component

We go to school for an education, not a mate. But if you don’t find a mate at school, you are not getting as much return out of the experience as you can. Which brings us, in a new Danish study, to one issue with online classes …

8 years ago
Beyond Silicon Valley MOOC meetup

MOOCs + Meetups = Better Learning

The man behind the ‘Beyond Silicon Valley’ MOOC is very enthusiastic about these massive online courses, but he sees adding a dash of the human touch as making the resulting learning experience even better.

8 years ago

Will SPOCs Live Long and Prosper?

We’re familiar with MOOCs — massive online courses. But what’s happened to the smaller — and more human-sized — online courses of yore?

9 years ago
Group of meerkats

Even in a MOOC, Students Want to Belong

Even in the austere and potentially lonely world of of the online course, students respond best when they feel they’re part of the family, new research finds.

9 years ago
War on Learning cover

Book Review: The War on Learning

In The War on Learning, Elizabeth Losh analyses recent trends in post-secondary education and the rhetoric around them. In an effort to identify educational technologies that might actually work, she looks at strategies such as MOOCs, gaming subject matter and remixing pedagogy, writes Susan Marie Martin.

9 years ago
Crying laptop

MOOCS: Veni, Vidi, Meh!

David Glance argues that the university-shaking predictions once routinely made for massive open online courses have been borne out.

9 years ago

Liberal Arts: Still Valuable

Emory’s recent decision to shut down or suspend various academic departments and programs has rightly generated campus-wide and national attention.

10 years ago