Speakezee Platform Matches Experts With the Curious Public

Speakezee, a labor of love by experimental psychologist Bruce Hood, connects willing experts and curious audiences. Now in it’s third year, the platform has a roster of more than 2,000 scientists in 32 countries ready discuss their research with schoolchildren, big companies, support groups, service clubs and anyone else now comfortable enough to ask for a presentation.

5 years ago
Researcher and reporter

Building Buzz Really Is a Good Career Move

Tweeting and talking to reporters sure must be a good thing for boosting buzz about researchers’ work and then ultimately their careers, right? A new study says absolutely, but it also questions the benefits of some other career-boosting activities.

8 years ago
Publiscize logo

Publiscize: Instant Outreach in the First Person

Very, very little science makes its way to the public eye, and an even smaller amount of that makes an impact. Entrepreneurial scientist Robert Seigel is offering a way around the gatekeepers of knowledge.

9 years ago