Reversing Academe’s Sometimes Perverse Incentives

Peer review is a powerful tool for sussing out the truth, but it’s not all-powerful. We also need to develop ways to reward scientists who do make their publications, data and methodology open for even greater scrutiny.

4 years ago
Sleeping guard

Lessons from the LaCour Retraction

We need honest researchers who monitor their own behavior; we need to have scrutiny by other researchers in the field; and we need an engaged public. But what do we have, asks Judith Stark.

4 years ago
Train wreck

The Cultural Roots of the Latest Big Retraction

Social psychology has seen more than its fair share of all of ethical lapses, argues Jonathan Borwein, who notes it’s been described as a ‘train wreck.’ What are the deeper causes and implications of this most recent case of fraud in the social sciences?

4 years ago
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