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Ranking African Universities Fraught and Futile

The director of directs the International Network for Higher Education in Africa argues that a nascent effort to rank the continent’s institutions of higher education ‘seems to me to be doomed from the start.’

6 years ago
Accepted to University of Tokyo

Asian Universities Continue Rise in the Rankings

As we continue to examine the role of ranking in the academic world, it’s worth noting that by 2040 it’s expected that a quarter of the Times Higher Education top 200 will be schools in Asia.

7 years ago
Slippery slope roadsign

The Slippery Slope: Dumbing Down into Secondary Schools

Although this piece first posted at The Conversation was not intended as a response to Daniel Nehring’s request for opinions about effect of ranking-mania on academic labor, Alister Scott’s observations on the current state of British higher education do shine a light on one facet of the larger issues involved.

7 years ago
Guardian sociology rankings 2014

What Do Academia’s Ubiquitous Rankings Accomplish?

Why does it matter whether you study or work at the sociology department that comes first, 12th or 89th in a ranking? Why does it matter whether the journal you publish in is included and ranked in a certain index, or not? Let us know your thoughts.

7 years ago
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Beware the Lessons of Competitive US Higher Ed

Other nations looking at successful American universities and seeing the invisible hand of the marketplace at work should take a closer look at the arm attached to that hand, argues Steve C. Ward.

8 years ago