Month: January 2012

Weekly Overview of Social Science News

Michael Higgins asks if there too many sociologists; the dimming line between the real and the virtual; and more: Articles from around the Web on the state of social science this week.

9 years ago

Fuzzy Attribution Styles

Arthur D. Martinez, Illinois State University, Mark J. Martinko and Gerald R. Ferris, both of Florida State University, published “Fuzzy Attribution […]

9 years ago

Social science sites of the week

Scotland independence Referendum the Scotsman announced 1,000 days to save scotland The facts about the proposal can be found on […]

9 years ago

Leading Group Meetings

Benjamin E. Baran, Northern Kentucky University, Linda Rhoades Shanock, Steven G. Rogelberg and Cliff W. Scott, all of University of North […]

9 years ago

My Social Science Career: Interview with Sandra Ball-Rokeach

I’m a sociologist and my primary role at this stage of my career is championing theory-driven research, but also research that you put into action: I’m not just a theorist, or just a researcher, or just an action-person – rather I’m trying to link all of those together.

9 years ago