Month: January 2012

Large Group Interventions

The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science has a new issue available online. To view the December 2011 issue, please click […]

9 years ago

Racial Diversity and Firm Performance

Goce Andrevski, Queen’s University, Orlando C. Richard, University of Texas at Dallas, Jason D. Shaw, University of Minnesota and Walter J. […]

9 years ago

Work Worth Doing

Thomas A. Conklin, Gannon University, published “Work Worth Doing: A Phenomenological Study of the Experience of Discovering and Following One’s Calling” […]

9 years ago

Social Science sites of the week

Egypt Elections Watch Has been launched by Jadaliyya in association with Ahram Online, the Center of Contemporary Arab Studies (Georgetown […]

9 years ago

Happily Ever After

Charles A. Funk, Northeastern Illinois University, and Brian W. Kulik, Hawaii Pacific University, published “Happily Ever After: Toward a Theory of Late […]

9 years ago