Imagining an Education in Crisis Management

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In a must-read for business educators, Paul Shrivastava of Concordia University and ICN Business School, Ian Mitroff of the University of California, Berkeley, and Can M. Alpaslan of California State University, Northridge provided their expertise on crisis management for the Journal of Management Education:

Understanding crises and developing crisis management skills have never been more important. We are living in a crisis society, in which all our major systems seem engulfed in crises. We live in the eye of a “perfect storm” of the global climate crisis, the global financial crisis, and the global poverty crisis, all of which interact with one another and various local crises to worsen their effects on all stakeholders. Students need to learn to think about crises in rational–analytical ways, develop and cope with emotional and intuitive feelings about crises, and resolve crisis conflicts morally and aesthetically.

Read on in the Journal of Management Education, and click here to learn more about the journal.

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