Month: August 2013

The Humanities as Human Relations

Do the Humanities not have an intellectual basis as legitimate and rigorous as that of the natural and social sciences? And are not the Humanities in fact an essential part of higher education? Try considering the Humanities as a form of Human Relations.

7 years ago

What Makes Students Want To Learn?

Editor’s note: We are pleased to welcome Stefanie L. Boyer of Bryant University. Her paper, “Self-Directed Learning: A Tool for […]

7 years ago

Engaging Community Researchers: What Works?

A massive qualitative research undertaking at the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service engages community researchers, lead researcher Jessica H. Smith discusses the benefits and difficulties of this approach.

7 years ago

SAGE @ AoM 2013!

The Academy of Management 2013 Annual Meeting is here! SAGE’s booth at AoM brings you the latest scholarly research from […]

7 years ago

Why Social Science Research Matters

Michael Lubell, accomplished professor of physics, explains why the social sciences are critical to the advance of science and technology, and explains why we need to protect the social sciences from political attempts to de-fund them.

7 years ago

Don’t miss a single episode!

A list of all Social Science Bites episodes to date: David Stuckler on Austerity and Death; Kate Pickett on the […]

7 years ago

Why It Pays To Use An Accountant

What is the advantage of using an external accountant? For family businesses, the benefits are significant, according to Francesco Barbera […]

7 years ago