Free Access to Women’s Research in Honor of International Women’s Day

This piece was originally posted on International Women’s Day at the Management Ink blog. It is re-posted here with permission.

International Women's Day logoIt was International Women’s Day Saturday, an event observed since the early 1900s to inspire women and celebrate their achievements. The official theme for 2014, “Inspiring Change,” and the United nations, which also pick a theme for the occasion, chose, “Equality for Women is Progress for All.”

In support of International Women’s Day (#IWD2014), SAGE has opened access to key articles on gender and the workplace through April 30:

Who Takes the Floor and Why: Gender, Power and Volubility in Organizations
Administrative Science Quarterly | Victoria L. Brescoll

Gender Discrimination at Work: Connecting Gender Stereotypes, Institutional Policies, and Gender Composition of Workplace
Gender & Society | Donna Bobbitt-Zeher

Walking in Your Shoes: Interactive Effects of Child Care Responsibility Difference and Gender Similarity in Supervisory Family Support and Work-Related Outcomes
 Group & Organization Management | Andrew Li and Jessica Bagger

Maternal body work: How women managers and professionals negotiate pregnancy and new motherhood at work
Human Relations | Caroline J. Gatrell

A Gendered Analysis of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Issues and Concerns for Human Resource Development
Human Resource Development Review  | Kathryn Thory

The Impact of Work-Family Conflict and Facilitation on Women’s Perceptions of Role Balance
 Journal of Family Issues | NaYeon Lee, Anisa M. Zvonkovic and Duane W. Crawford

Authentic Leadership and Follower Development: Psychological Capital, Positive Work Climate, and Gender
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies | Lydia Woolley, Arran Caza and Lester Levy

Gendered Influence: A Gender Role Perspective on the Use and Effectiveness of Influence Tactics
Journal of Management | Alexis N. Smith, Marla B. Watkins, Michael J. Burke, Michael S. Christian, Caitlin E. Smith, Alison Hall and Shalei Simms

Parody, subversion and the politics of gender at work: the case ofFuturama‘s ‘Raging Bender’
Organization | Alison Pullen and Carl Rhodes

No Woman is Like a Man (in Academia): The Masculine Symbolic Order and the Unwanted Female Body
Organization Studies | Marianna Fotaki

Self-employment, work-family time and the gender division of labour
Work, Employment & Society | Lyn Craig, Abigail Powell and Natasha Cortis

FREE TRIAL – For a more complete listing of offerings on gender, SAGE is running a free online trial to its sociology and gender studies journals through March 31. Click to access.

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