Interview with Ray Aldag and Belle Rose Ragins

In honor of Journal of Leadership and Organization‘s Midwest Academy of Management Special Issue focusing on “Current Issues in Management,” Megan W. Gerhardt and Joy V. Peluchette interviewed Ray Aldag, former Academy of Management President and Belle Rose Ragins, SAGE author. The 2013 Midwest Scholars answered questions on the current issues in management, the ongoing conflict between academics and practitioners, and the future of management education. They also provide ample research advice for young scholars.

The introduction:


Each year, the theme of our Midwest Academy of Management Special Issue focuses on “Current Issues in Management”—a theme that is intentionally broad, subjective, and evolving. As editors of this special issue, we strive to produce an issue that showcases interesting, timely scholarship in keeping with this theme. In addition, we have increased our efforts to strengthen the meaningful connections between the JLOS special issue and the Midwest Academy of Management.

In this vein, we are proud to feature this conversation with Drs. Ray Aldag and Belle Rose Ragins, the 2013 Midwest Scholars. The 2013 Midwest Academy of Management conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the inaugural year of the Midwest Scholars program, established to honor exemplary achievements and recognition in the field of management scholarship. Dr. Ray Aldag currently holds the Glen A. Skillrud Family Chair in Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Dr. Belle Rose Ragins is currently a professor of human resource management at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In addition to sharing their experiences and insights with attendees at the Midwest annual meeting, we asked these current Midwest Scholars to discuss their reactions to what we view as critical, timely challenges in our field. In addition to asking what they view as the most interesting current issues in management, we also asked Drs. Ragins and Aldag to weigh in on the ongoing “rigor versus relevance” debate, provide developmental advice for students and junior faculty, reflect on what they see as the most significant developments to date, and discuss what they view as future challenges ahead.

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