Month: March 2015

Civil society at conference

Reconsidering Social Enterprise as an Alternative to Convention

Is there a collective myopia regarding social enterprise and its relation to nonprofit activity? Curtis Child suggests there has been, and he encourages a rethink of the relationship between nonprofits and businesses, and the extent to which the latter are supported by a scaffolding from the former.

6 years ago
Basicl Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

Social Scientists Busy in Run-up to UK’s General Election

Academic researchers – not just media pundits – should have their say in holding policy promises to account. Jonathan Breckon charts the various activities around the United Kingdom aimed at providing a rigorous evidence base in the run-up to the General Election.

6 years ago

Science Communication in the Age of Polarization

A study of members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science finds their politically homogeneous environment on and off the job seems to play a primary role in how they form judgments about policy issues and whether, or how, they choose to engage the public.

6 years ago
Charles M. Russell painting ofm a cattle roundup

Round-up of Social Science Research

The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 800 journals. The articles linked below […]

6 years ago
Goldwater poster

How to Avoid Being Misquoted by the Press

Journalists have their own set of accuracy issues, so don’t add to them by making it hard to pick out your message from a torrent of disconnected thoughts carpet bombed on the ink-stained class. Here, Kevin Anselmo offers advice on preparation and training beforehand to reduce the likelihood of being misquoted.

6 years ago
Patti Donze

You Tell Us: Are Adjunct Professors the New Fast-Food Workers?

Besides fast-food workers, there is another face of low-wage workers across the country–adjunct professors. Please weigh in on this issue by responding to a story from the site Capital & Main and a survey from our friends at Pacific Standard.

6 years ago
Ethics drawing

Taking a Stick to Ethics Boards

Writing about her experiences in Australia, Gigi Foster wonders if ethics boards are more interested in ticking the necessary boxes and not upholding the standards that supposedly underlie the boards’ existence.

6 years ago
Intelligender kit

Picking a Descriptor Also Picks a Gender

A recent data-mapping project reveals that women professors are consistently more likely to be described as feisty, bossy, aggressive, shrill, condescending, rude — and nice.

6 years ago