Aspect Annual Webinar Event 2020: Building Propensity & Well-Being Through Social Science Innovation

Click here to read more about this year’s Aspect event and to register for any of the 19 webinars being offered over the next two months.

Aspect (A Social sciences Platform for Entrepreneurship, Commercialization and Transformation) is a network for organizations looking to make the most of commercial and business opportunities from social sciences research. Aspect aims to connect universities, businesses, academics, and industry leaders to help turn social science research into commercial solutions and to help address diagnosed social issues with the power of the private sector.

For their Annual Event 2020, Aspect will host a series of webinars designed to connect industry leaders and academics. The series will begin on September 7th, and run until October 28th, featuring organizers from the University of Oxford, University of Cardiff, the London School of Economics, and more. The webinars are open to the public and free to attend via Zoom. The year’s theme, “Building propensity and well-being through social science innovation,” will be the uniting force behind 19 different webinars that will cover all sorts of topics related to the commercialization of social scientific work. Some examples include:

To learn more about social scientific work that is being done at the intersection of academia and the private sector, to read more about the event, and/or to register for any of the 19 webinars being offered this year, please click here.

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Gus Wachbrit

Augustus Wachbrit (or, if you’re intimidated by his three-syllable name, Gus) is the Social Science Communications Intern at SAGE Publishing. He assists in the creation, curation, revision, and distribution of various forms of written content primarily for Social Science Space and Method Space. He is studying Philosophy and English at California Lutheran University, where he is a research fellow and department assistant. If you’re likely to find him anywhere, he’ll be studying from a textbook, writing (either academically or creatively), exercising, or defying all odds and doing all these things at once.

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