Webinar: Research in Global Crisis

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Research is highly difficult during global crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, but at the same time essential, again as COVID has shown. With this in mind, the European Commission is funding the PREPARED – Pro-active Pandemic Crisis Ethics and Integrity Framework — project.

According to a description of PREPARED on the website of the University of Central Lancaster Cyprus, where the initiative will be headquartered, the three-year project will bring together 16 partner teams from three continents. Their outputs will an interdisciplinary and jargon-free code of conduct for research during global crises, ‘how to’ guidelines to support the needs of research teams, and devising training and capacity-building materials to be disseminated across the globe.

The majority of team leads are women, and the consortium will be supported by two European artists and an African photographer and documentary maker.

To kick off PREPARED, 50 experts and stakeholders from around the world are meeting from September 27-29 at the United Nations University in Bonn to develop an ethics and integrity framework for global crises. Social Science Space’s sister site, SAGE MethodSpace, will Zoom into the meeting on September 29 to hear selected delegates (identified below) provide statements on the difficulties of research during global crises and suggestions on how stakeholders can work together better in the future. Questions will be fielded from online participants as well as the room at the UN University.

The webinar will start at 2:30 UTC on September 29 (find your time zone here).

Delegates Presenting

Doris Schroeder is coordinator of the PREPARED project and professor of moral philosophy at the University of Central Lancaster Cyprus School of Law. She is also the lead author of Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings.

Charles Weijer is a professor of medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics, and philosophy at Western University in London, Canada. He is a leading expert in the ethics of randomized controlled trials.

Michael Makanga is the executive director of the EDCTP, a clinician-scientist from Uganda with 25 years of professional experience working on health and poverty-related diseases in sub-Saharan Africa.

Joshua Kimani is the clinical director of PHDA, a clinical epidemiologist by training who serves a cohort of around 40,000 sex workers in and around Nairobi.

Joyce Adhiambo Odhiambo is an HIV champion and peer educator at PHDA, supporting research involving 40,000 sex workers in and around Nairobi.

Dorian Karatzas is the head of ethics and integrity at DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission.

Klaus Leisinger is the president of the FGVA and former personal advisor on corporate responsibility to Kofi Annan and Ban Ki Moon.

Carleigh Krubiner is the bioethics lead for the Wellcome Trust. Her primary research areas have included the ethics of health priority setting, gender and health, research in LMICs, and the responsible and equitable inclusion of pregnant persons in biomedical research.

Mariëtte van den Hoven is professor of ethics, law and medical at Amsterdam UMC.

Fritz Schmuhl is a senior publisher in Springer Nature’s Mathematics, Physical and Applied Sciences Journal Division.

Janet Salmons, webinar moderator, is the research community manager for SAGE Methodspace.

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Janet Salmons

Janet Salmons is an independent researcher, writer and consultant through her company,Vision2Lead and is the resident methods guru at the website MethodSpace. In addition to her latest book and numerous articles and book chapters, she has written Doing Qualitative Research Online, Qualitative Online Interviews, Online Interviews in Real Time (2010), and edited the Cases in Online Interview Research (2012) for SAGE Publishing.

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