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The Power of Image in Politics

Images tap into attitudes, but not always in the same way for every viewer. An image’s perceived level of influence is based on “believability.” This is the idea that it is true if we agree, fake if we disagree. And it is here that the power of images intersects with the great challenge of the digital age. How do we understand politics, fake news, campaigning, and citizenship in an area dominated by images?

12 months ago

Archived Webinar: Social Science in the Age of Trump

In the hour-long recorded conversation with Social Science Space editor Michael Todd, COSSA’s Wendy Naus discusses what individual social science scholars, students and their academic societies can do if they feel threatened by the currents in Washington, D.C.

4 years ago

How Immigration Ban Affects Universities — and US Soft Power

What might Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from seven countries mean for the U.S. role in international education? And will it undermine the use of international higher education as a soft power tool for the United States? A scholar of international education gives his view.

4 years ago

Will November Prove to be the Cruelest Month for Science?

T.S. Eliot said “April is the cruelest month.” This November has been pretty harsh, too, says blogger Howard J. Silver, who wonders what the new U.S. president will mean for a number of issues, including research funding.

4 years ago

The People and the State

The win for Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election raises many questions about democracy and the ways in which […]

4 years ago
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Interpreting Trump Through the Politics of Fear

Last year Ruth Wodak’s book on right-wing populist discourse, ‘The Politics of Fear,’ was published. In this Year of the Trump, she looks at how the US presidential candidate might have required adding a few pages to her work.

4 years ago

Archived Webinar: Elections in America

What is the future of American political parties as we known them? Do Americans even care about the candidates’ positions? Do campaign visits and television ads really turn the dial in voting. Political scientists Larry Bartels, Lynn Vavreck and Gary Jacobsen — address these and other questions about the current presidential election in this archived webinar.

4 years ago
Mike Pence

What Trump’s Veep Choice Can Teach Us About Coalitions

A case study, drawn from Bob Graham’s new book, about how coalitions formed to reverse measures seen as anti gay — such as the religious freedom act that Mike Pence signed and then revised — is available for free here.

4 years ago