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Proof Over Promise: Finding An Impact Factor for Your Career

Publishing in a high-impact journal carries the implicit promise that somehow an individual article also will be highly cited. But the proof of this logic remains unsubstantiated. How about measuring career impact more than journal impact? The authors offer one option they’ve developed.

8 years ago
Guardian sociology rankings 2014

What Do Academia’s Ubiquitous Rankings Accomplish?

Why does it matter whether you study or work at the sociology department that comes first, 12th or 89th in a ranking? Why does it matter whether the journal you publish in is included and ranked in a certain index, or not? Let us know your thoughts.

8 years ago
Cricket scoreboard numbers

Beating the Flawed Metric That Rules Science

The perceived importance of a scientific paper should reflect the deepest wisdom of the scientific community, argues Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, rather than the judgments of three anonymous peer reviewers. So where does that leave ‘impact factor’?

9 years ago
Web of Science authors mapped

Altmetrics Aren’t Always So ‘Alt’ – Ask the Developing World

The Web of Science and its corresponding Journal Impact Factor are inadequate for an understanding of the impact of scholarly work from developing regions, argues Juan Pablo Alperin. The altmetrics community should engage with scholars from developing regions to ensure the new metrics do not continue to cater to well-known and well-established networks.

9 years ago

2011 Impact Factor and Ranking Results

SAGE is pleased to announce strong performance across its journals portfolio in the recently released 2011 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson […]

11 years ago