Innovation Deficit

Research on Research

With the advent of the new Research on Research Institute, our Robert Dingwall notes that while research on research fills a gap in the world of knowledge. However, it is important not to confuse it with the research enterprise itself or to assume that this will benefit from being made so planned, rational and evidence-based that the result is to squeeze innovation out of the system.

3 years ago
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Business-Academic Collaboration Remains Vigilant on Research Funding

Funding for basic research, visas for scholars from outside the United States, and streamlining regulations that get in the way of research are areas of concern for a consortium of business and academic interests that annually reviews the state of American government’s commitment to innovation.

5 years ago
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Include Me In: Social Sciences and the Innovation Deficit

With a little more wiggle room in the U.S. budget this year, proponents of strong federal support for R&D and higher education are trying to get their message out about America’s lagging innovation. Social science and the STEM fields are making common cause in the campaign.

9 years ago