Social Science Space 2017 Round Up

Last year Social Science Space presented more than 200 articles on the impact, infrastructure and industry surrounding social and behavioral science and research. Looking back over those articles, we’ve chosen a few of special merit. Social Science Space plans to continue to provide the latest that the new year has to offer. Stay up to date with us to see what is in store.

6 years ago
Sabina Alkire

Sabina Alkire on Measuring Poverty

Economist Sabina Alkire has spent her career looking at all the things beyond just a lack of money that make us poor. In this Social Science Bites podcast, the director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative explains the need for a consistent and reputable means of measuring poverty over time.

6 years ago
Michael Reisch

Stories of Research to Reality: Michael Reisch

Historian and social justice professor Michael Reisch used the example of the case of Freddie Gray in his own home of Baltimore to show how much social science could add to examinations of poverty.

8 years ago

Property Crime, Violence and Recession

There is no inevitability in the rise in homicide, domestic and acquaintance violence in the coming year. Sadly, though, it would be more surprising if they did not increase than if they did.

10 years ago