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An Introvert’s Guide to Academic Networking and Hybrid Events

As academic conferences and events re-emerge after a period of COVID-19 induced absence, Mark Carrigan, takes stock of the new post-pandemic world of academic meetings and provides four strategies for how academics can productively navigate and build networks in a world of hybrid interactions.

4 months ago

How to Make Your Networks a Force for Good

Social media manipulation is tearing societies apart – but it can help put us back together again. Michael Sanders teaches us how to change the narrative of social media so that it can be a source for “Good.”

4 years ago

Meet The Social Scientist, a New Networking Initiative for STEM

Danielle Tomasello describes The Social Scientist, a non-profit networking and outreach community of STEM professionals. Our volunteers answer questions that will benefit scientists’ interests, including a view of their work, environment and what it took for them to get there.

4 years ago

What Can You Tell Us about Networks Today?

Sara Miller McCune, the founder of SAGE Publishing, has a question for the Social Science Space community: What does more recent research (especially research from the 21st century, and/or research taking into account the influence of social media) tell us about networks?

5 years ago

Can Brands be Intellectuals?

As an academic, you are a brand not only as a matter of choice, but, increasingly, due to powerful institutional imperatives that are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

10 years ago

Using LinkedIn for Career Building

Joseph G. Gerard of Western New England University published “Linking in With LinkedIn®: Three Exercises That Enhance Professional Social Networking […]

10 years ago

Linking in With LinkedIn

Joseph G. Gerard, Western New England University, recently published “Linking in With LinkedIn®: Three Exercises That Enhance Professional Social Networking and […]

12 years ago

Are Facebook users narcissistic?

New research from Australia suggests that Facebook users are more extroverted and narcissistic than people who use the Internet but […]

12 years ago