Month: August 2012

Economic Inequality and Political Power (Part 1 of 3)

If policy influence becomes so unequal that the wishes of most citizens are ignored most of the time, a country’s claim to be a democracy is cast in doubt. And that is exactly what I found in my analyses of the link between public preferences and government policy in the U.S.

8 years ago

Hate Rock 101

A sociologist explains why Sikh temple shooter Wade M. Page’s white-power music scene is dying out, just as we’re all discovering it.

8 years ago

Weekly Overview of Social Science News

Major problems with the recent Gay-parenting study come to light, “predictive policing” aims to prevent crime, and social science insights helping to make sense of climate change. These and more in this Weekly Overview of Social Science News!

8 years ago

Is London 2012 Worth the Cost?

The Olympics don’t come cheap. According to The Guardian’s Datablog, which published a breakdown of the costs, London 2012 is […]

8 years ago