Month: April 2013

Karl Weick on Organizational Wrongdoing

Donald Palmer: Normal Organizational Wrongdoing: A Critical Analysis of Theories of Misconduct in and by Organizations. New York: Oxford University […]

9 years ago

Best Papers in Small Group Research

Small Group Research addresses and connects three vital areas of study: the psychology of small groups, communication within small groups,and […]

9 years ago

Making Peace, Not War, In Games

Editor’s note: The latest issue of Simulation & Gaming is all about using games to reduce violence and promote peace […]

9 years ago

JOM Scholarly Impact Award Winners

Today we are pleased to highlight the winners of the Journal of Management’s 2012 Scholarly Impact Award, which recognizes works […]

9 years ago

Modernizing Universities?

Universities are starting to look like the behemoths of the US auto industry of the 1980s, with highly-paid CEOs buried in their offices looking only at numbers.

9 years ago