Mental Health and Work: Stress and OB, Part 2 of 3


With economic uncertainty
and job insecurity on the rise, stress levels are also at increasingly higher levels. With effects on physical and emotional health, the toll is high for individuals and organizations. Today we’re looking at recent research addressing issues such as the effects of commuting to work; the relationships between ill health and employment; the role played by managers’ ethical and family-supportive behavior; the extent to which organizational justice and job characteristics shape employees’ work attitudes and health; and a review of the literature on the relationship between stress and well-being.Stress APA quote

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Do Long Journeys to Work Have Adverse Effects on Mental Health? by Zhiqiang Feng and Paul Boyle, both at University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK, as published in Environment & Behavior

Mental and physical health: re-assessing the relationship with employment propensity by Gail Pacheco, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand; Dom Page and Don J. Webb, both at University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, as published in Work, Employment & Society

Operationalizing Management Citizenship Behavior and Testing Its Impact on Employee Commitment, Satisfaction, and Mental Health by Beth A. Rubin and Charles J. Brody, both at University of North Carolina-Charlotte, USA, as published in Work and Occupations

The interaction between organizational justice and job characteristics: Associations with work attitudes and employee health cross-sectionally and over time by Constanze Eib and Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, both at Stockholm University, Sweden; Katharina Näswall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand; and Magnus Sverke, Stockholm University, Sweden and North-West University, South Africa, as published in Economic and Industrial Democracy

Work Stress and Employee Health: A Multidisciplinary Review by Daniel C. Ganster, Colorado State University and Christopher C. Rosen, University of Arkansas, as published in Journal of Management

Tomorrow’s post: Mental Health and Work: Leadership and Well-Being, Part 3 of 3


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