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The COVID-19 Mental Health Curve

The mental health crisis triggered by COVID-19 is escalating rapidly. One example: When compared to a 2018 survey, U.S. adults are now eight times […]

8 months ago
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The Mental Health Care System Needs Urgent Care Itself

Whatever level of public awareness exists about mental health, it’s probably safe to say that awareness about the system of mental health care is considerably worse. And that’s a real issue, say the authors of a new book, ‘Mental Health in Crisis,’ whose title banishes any hope that the current system is acceptable. A Q&A with the lead author, Joel Vos.

3 years ago
Abby Dunn

Parenting with mental health: An ESRC Better Lives Essay

Psychologist Abby Dunn is a doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex whose work has focused on parenting, and in particular parenting for those with complex needs. In this shortlisted essay from the ESRC Better Lives Writing Competition, in which PhD students who have received money from the ESRC write short essays about how their research leads too better lives, she examines how mental health practitioners interact with patients who are also parents.

3 years ago

Who Might Address Research Candidates’ Off-the-Charts Stress?

Graduate research candidates are the powerhouse of research in universities, yet many have reported feelings of isolation, burnout, and career uncertainty. Karen Barry reports on a study of Australian research candidates which found that increasing numbers are suffering from heightened levels of depression, anxiety, and stress, often citing reasons related to academia’s general work processes, such as writing or publishing research or maintaining motivation while working alone on a single topic.

3 years ago

Microsite Offers Content on Mental Health Awareness

In the latest of its monthly series of interdisciplinary microsites addressing important public issues, SAGE Publishing today is offering free access to academic articles that support Mental Health Awareness Week. The week, sponsored by Britain’s Mental Health Foundation, this year is focused on stress (“Are we coping?”), which the collection covers along with the causes, diagnosis, experiences and treatment of mental illness, are the content areas represented in the collection.

4 years ago
Parent University

Should Universities Be Parents?

Increasingly, says Robert Dingwall, UK universities are taking a more paternal role in the lives of their students, taking — or perhaps resuming — more active roles in addressing their charges’ mental health, criminal conduct and self-care.

4 years ago

Mental Health Measurement and the Workplace

Due to the confusion over what counts as evidence, mental health research has largely failed to make a significant impact on workplace wellbeing and employment relations practices. Elizabeth Cotton argues that in order to make a positive difference, academic research will have to involve new technologies and communication strategies aimed at helping people to improve their mental health at work.

8 years ago