Month: August 2014

Mark Hager

Engaging With the Untidy World of Nonprofits

What’s the best for a professional association to build engagement from its members? For one thing, notes Mark Hager in an award-winning paper, you probably can put away the souvenir tote bags.

8 years ago
Guardian sociology rankings 2014

What Do Academia’s Ubiquitous Rankings Accomplish?

Why does it matter whether you study or work at the sociology department that comes first, 12th or 89th in a ranking? Why does it matter whether the journal you publish in is included and ranked in a certain index, or not? Let us know your thoughts.

8 years ago
Open access buttons

An Open Invitation to OpenCon

Nick Shockey highlights OpenCon, a conference to take place in November aimed at mobilizing support around open access, open educational resources and open data among early career researchers. Funding has been made available to cover travel to attend the conference in Washington, D.C. but the deadline is Monday.

8 years ago
Steven Salaita

L’affaire Salaita: Can Activism Go a Tweet Too Far?

Social media allows scholars to discuss and debate current affairs like never before, but on a very public stage. Brent E. Sasley and Mira Sucharov examine and assess one academic’s tweets on the Israel-Gaza crisis and the questions raised over his style and approach.

8 years ago
Kristin Beck

Taking the Air out of the Ban on Transgender Troops

UPDATE: In a 2014 article, a former U.S. surgeon general and four co-authors argue that the U.S. military’s medically based ban on transgender troops in place then failed on the facts and on the precedents of other populations in uniform.

8 years ago
Five depictions of academics in kids books

Children’s Perceptions: Teachers are Girls, Scientists are Boys

If you were to draw a ‘scientist,’ what would be the distinguishing features? Martin Rowley and James Hartley look at psychology studies which have evaluated children’s perceptions of scientists, all confirming stereotypical views of scientists as predominately white and male.

8 years ago