Month: August 2014

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European Scientists Fear Data Protection Overreach

Raising the drumbeat of alarm before a final European Parliament ruling later this year, a coalition of the continent’s research organizations have made explicit their opposition to new rules that they say would impede social science and medical research.

8 years ago
War on Learning cover

Book Review: The War on Learning

In The War on Learning, Elizabeth Losh analyses recent trends in post-secondary education and the rhetoric around them. In an effort to identify educational technologies that might actually work, she looks at strategies such as MOOCs, gaming subject matter and remixing pedagogy, writes Susan Marie Martin.

8 years ago

And the Winner Is…

Group and Organization Management announced the winners of their Best Micro Paper for 2013 and Best Macro Paper for 2013 […]

8 years ago
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Publiscize: Instant Outreach in the First Person

Very, very little science makes its way to the public eye, and an even smaller amount of that makes an impact. Entrepreneurial scientist Robert Seigel is offering a way around the gatekeepers of knowledge.

8 years ago

Is Doctor Who a Sociologist?

Doctor Who’s sobriquet implies he’s earned a doctorate in something. The Doctor’s not telling what he might have studied, but his actions and attitudes make a strong case for one discipline …

8 years ago