Announcing the Winner of the 2013 Best Article Award from the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science!

trophy-189659-mWe’re pleased to congratulate Brenda E. Ghitulescu, winner of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science‘s 2013 Best Article Award! Dr. Ghitulescu’s award-winning paper appeared in the June 2013 issue of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science and is entitled “Making Change Happen: The Impact of Work Context on Adaptive and Proactive Behaviors.” In honor of this award, the article is free to read for the next 30 days!

The abstract:

The success of organizational change increasingly depends on employees taking personal responsibility for change through effective adaptation to changing conditions and proactive anticipation of new challenges. In this study, we examined JABS_v50_72ppiRGB_powerpointhow work context features influence the change-oriented behaviors of adaptivity and proactivity in the workplace. We proposed several direct and moderating effects of job context variables on adaptive and proactive behaviors. We used a multilevel design and a unique data set with 621 special education teachers embedded in 157 urban public schools to test our hypotheses. Our analyses show that adaptive and proactive behaviors are distinct aspects of job performance during organizational change and that different job features have distinct direct and moderating effects on these behaviors. Our results provide insights into how leaders of change efforts can create a work context that encourages employees to actively participate in the change process.

You can click here to read “Making Change Happen: The Impact of Work Context on Adaptive and Proactive Behaviors.” Want to know about all the latest news and research from the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science? Click here to sign up for e-alerts and get notifications sent directly to your inbox!

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