Month: November 2014

Instructor rating card

Students Don’t Know What’s Good For Them

When students evaluate their courses and instructors, they tend to rate higher when they got good grades, and not good learning. That’s pretty common sensical, so why do we keep asking students if they’re happy?

8 years ago

Social Science in the News

Ambedkar Institute to be India’s first Social Sciences university The Free Press Journal Mhow-based 25-year-old Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute […]

8 years ago
Line of penguins

A Guided Tour of Post-Publication Review Sites

Andy Tattersall continues his discussion of post-publication peer review and provides an overview of the main tools and sites, from publisher platforms to independent forums, offering some kind of comment, discussion or review system for scholarly content.

8 years ago
Peer review

Let’s Dissect Post-Publication Peer Review

Andy Tattersall looks at the shortcomings and opportunities of post-publication review online and picks apart the differences between reviewing, discussing and commenting in a scholarly context.

8 years ago
Academics around table

Let’s Make Them All ‘Research Multi-versities’

Although universities and funding bodies pay lip-service to the importance of multi-discipline research, a physicist and an anthropologist argue there is a long way to go before the reality matches the rhetoric.

8 years ago